Enterprise Software Development

We offer full enterprise software development. If you are a software development company, you can outsource your project to us on varying scope. The scope can be an entire projects, a module, or vertical part of your software development lifecycle.

Open-Source Technology Customisation, Training and Support

We offer open-source technology customisation, training and support that is appropriate to an organization's needs.

Mobile Applications Software Development

We offer development of mobile applications for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android OS.


Do you want to know how much and how long your killer idea / project would cost to develop? No more waiting for days and no need to contact sales!

Using our years of experience estimating projects, we created an automated algorithm for reading specifications and coming up with a fairly accurate estimate so you can quickly see how much it would cost and how long it would take to develop your killer idea / project.


We would love to hear from you!


Thank you for your interest in StableApps Inc. Please feel free to contact us by filling up the form. We look forward hearing from you!


100% Remote Work

Avoid rush-hour commutes. Accomplish your tasks at home, at the coffee shop or at the beach... wherever you want to be as long as you have your laptop with you and a fast stable internet connection.

Flexible Working Arrangements

We believe that work-life balance is the key to one's success and happiness.

Great Team

Work with a team of talented, responsible, positive professionals focused on achieving shared goals and producing high quality results that empowers our team and our clients.

Open Positions

Java EE Developer

Beginner to Advanced Level of experience in software development, testing, coding and debugging procedures. Programming proficiency in Java EE 7, EJB, Netbeans IDE, Arquillan Testing, JUnit Testing and Selenium Testing, JSF and PrimeFaces.